DPTI - Work Health and Safety Guidelines and Procedures Update

10 January 2019

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has informed the Public Service Association (PSA) of the outcome of the consultation leading to changes in the following Work Health & Safety (WHS) Guidelines and Procedures:

As well as the amended policies the Department has also informed the PSA the following WHS policies have now been archived:

  •  Working in Heat and Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Protection Policy
  •  Working in Heat and Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Protection Guideline
  •  WHS&W Hazardous Manual Tasks Policy
  •  Hazardous Manual Tasks Guideline
  •  WHS&W Contractor Management Policy
  •  WHS&W Hazard Identification and Risk Management Policy
  •  WHS&W Safe Work Method Statement Procedure
  •  Workplace Inspection Procedure
  •  Workplace Inspections Checklist
  •  Contractor Worksite Inspection Checklist
  •  Workplace Inspections Register
  •  Workplace Inspection Guideline
  •  Workplace Inspection Checklist - Personal Protective Equipment
  •  Worksite Safety Checklist - Control Sheet
  •  Workplace Inspection Checklist – Offices
  •  Workplace Inspection Checklist - Workshops, Sheds and Similar Work
  •  WHS&W Workplace Aggression and Violence Policy
  •  WHS&W Workplace Aggression and Violence Guideline
  •  WHS&W Personal Protective Equipment Policy

PSA members are reminded that under the WHS Act, they are entitled to contact the PSA for support in any WHS matter. DPTI staff who are yet to join the PSA can join online here.