DPTI WHS Update: Outcomes of Consultation on WHS Procedures

21 May 2019

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has informed the Public Service Association (PSA) of the outcome of the consultation leading to changes in the following Work Health & Safety (WHS) Guidelines and Procedures:

Thank you to the members who provided feedback on these procedures during the consultation period.

As a result of the feedback received during the consultation, DPTI has now archived the following documents:

  •  WHS&W Woking at Heights and Managing the Risks of Falls in the Workplace
  •  Identifying and Assessing Fall Hazards Guidelines

Members who are Health and Safety Representatives in DPTI are encouraged to consider nominating to become PSA Worksite Representatives. Worksite Representatives are entitled to attend training in paid time at the PSA and it is another great way to support your colleagues. PSA members interested in becoming a Worksite Representative are encouraged to contact their PSA Organiser.

Members who have concerns regarding any WHS issue can call the PSA Members’ Rights Hotlin.