DPTI Technical Services Job Cuts PSA Concerns Remains Insufficiently Addressed

09 June 2017

DPTI continues to respond to concerns raised by members resulting from the proposed job cuts to the Technical Services Section in an inadequate manner.

The PSA again outlined concerns in an email to Technical Services Manager Ana Glavinic, dated 26 May 2017, specifically outlining concerns about job cuts in the Asbestos, Road Design and Structure units.

DPTI has now responded with generic statements with no detail as how staff already under extensive workload pressures are expected to manage the increased pressures resulting from the proposed cuts, despite requests from the PSA for how DPTI expects staff to manage this.

DPTI’s responses continues to ignore the genuine concerns and feedback given about these proposed job cuts and changes to the structure of the Technical Services Section.

The PSA will be writing to DPTI Chief Executive Michael Deegan requesting a detailed and timely response to members concerns. If such a response is not received the PSA will consider all options available, including lodging a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission.