DPTI Rushing Through Revised Technical Services Restructure

03 October 2017

DPTI has emailed the PSA Thursday 28 September 2017 notifying the PSA of a revised Technical Services Restructure (here) and informing that they would be pushing ahead with the restructure after months of little movement on the issue.

Some of the changes in this new revised restructure include a number of new Geospatial positions and an Electronic Advisor, however one of the positions within the Environment Unit has now disappeared with no explanation as to why. This version of the restructure will still lead to a drastic reduction in FTE from 80 to 64.

Members who have attended a recent joint-union meeting voted to put this matter into dispute with lodgement to the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET).

Members are very disappointed about this entire process which has included managers being rude to employees and their union representatives, and not providing any reason for the changes in this new revised restructure.

Staff have been required to undergo formal interviews for positions within this revised structure before their union being notified of the revisions.

PSA members are very disappointed that no changes have been made to address the serious concerns they have raised in the drastic cutting of roles with several units and the workload issues that will ultimately arise.

PSA members feel that this is a further example of DPTI expecting their employees adhere to DPTI’s ‘CHEER’ principles, while the department reflects no interest in adhering to these principles itself. Members deserve respect in their place of work and should not be subject to an inadequate process or disrespect.

The PSA will update members on the progress of the dispute.