DPTI Restructure: Work Health And Safety Section

14 November 2018

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has advised the Public Service Association (PSA) of a restructure in the Work Health and Safety Section. Members can access the current structure (here) and the proposed structure (here).

This brings the total number of restructures within DPTI up to seven in less than ten weeks. The PSA has written to the Chief Executive (here) to seek the establishment of a specific Consultative Forum to deal with the high number of restructures the Department has announced.

The letters to the PSA notifying of the restructures have been very similar in nature with most recent letters being so similar that the only changes to each letter have been the dates for consultation, the names of the roles abolished and the section or unit name. The exact same reason has been given for these restructures: “The proposed organisational structure is expected to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and functionality of the Directorate by aligning duties to the relevant business areas”.

Given the Department is embarking on a Department-wide restructure for the same reason, the PSA’s request to treat the individual restructures as one process dealing with the entire Department at once is not unreasonable.

As DPTI has asked for feedback on this particular restructure, the PSA asks members in this section for feedback to be sent to the PSA by 5:00pm on Tuesday 20 November 2018 by email.

It is important the Department provides the complete picture of these cuts so members can be fully aware of the overall changes coming to their Department.