DPTI - Rejuvenation Meeting Update

23 February 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) recently attended the scheduled DPTI Rejuvenation Project meeting. The PSA requested that:

  • DPTI provide the total number of vacant positions against staff who are still not transitioned
  • An organisational chart be distributed with locations of all divisions and managers
  • A revised document be written with correct procedures for dealing with Expressions of Interest (EOI) positions at the review point (nine months) to assist with moving forward

The PSA will meet with the Department when they provide the requested information.

As the Rejuvenation Project has been completed, with the exception of a small number of areas, the committee resolved that its charter had been completed, and that it will not continue to meet.

PSA members' concerns will be raised at the DPTI Peak Forum which meets quarterly. The PSA will also raise individual issues directly with Human Resources (HR) as required, which has been a well established option for some time.

PSA members will continue to receive updates and are encouraged to advise of any concerns.

The PSA has always raised concerns that this Rejuvenation Project may have real implications for current and future workloads. We welcome feedback from members where workload problems are occurring.

For further enquiries please contact the PSA.