DPTI - Recording of TOIL

04 July 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) has recently been made aware that members in some divisions within the Department of Planning,Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) are unable to record their TOIL entitlements.


Members are rightfully concerned that they may lose any accrued TOIL if time sheets do not make provision for recording of this overtime entitlement.


Clause 18 (TOIL and flexitime accruals) of the Enterprise Agreement clearly states that TOIL cannot be lost. It is therefore important to ensure that any TOIL accrued and carried forward is recorded on time sheets.


Accurate recording of all TOIL entitlements is an essential element for ensuring that DPTI meet their industrial obligations.


The PSA is currently attempting to gauge if this problem of being unable to record or track TOIL entitlements is widespread. Members who are experiencing problems with the recording of TOIL should advise their PSA Worksite Representative or the PSA.