DPTI Hazardous Chemical Procedure: PSA Recommend Changes

22 January 2019

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) Safety Team has written to the Public Service Association (PSA) in relation to the recommended changes the PSA made to the Hazardous Chemical Procedure through the consultation period that occurred in December 2018.

The PSA made three recommendations based on the feedback we received from our members. The Safety Team has confirmed that of those three recommendations, two have been accepted and the Department will amend the policy to reflect these changes.

The changes DPTI and the PSA have now agreed to reflect changes to the ‘Scope’ of the policy to include reference to the Guide to Hazardous Paint Management (Australian/New Zealand Standard 4361.1) as well as removal of references to document “PR 614: Disposal” which is no longer in effect.

The PSA is committed to making sure that policies DPTI introduce are kept relevant and easy to understand as well as remain consistent with the rights of all employees under the Work Health and Safety Act. Members are reminded that in any Work Healthy Safety matter they can contact the PSA for support. It is paramount that the PSA and DPTI work together to make sure that the Work Health and Safety of DPTI staff is maintained at the highest possible standard.