DPTI - Driving Procedure and Cultural Safety Procedure Consultation

15 August 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) has received copies of the draft Driving Procedure (here) and the draft Cultural Safety Procedure (here) for consultation.

The PSA has concerns that the draft Driving Procedure makes references to the disputed Drug and Alcohol Policy. It is inappropriate to include references to a disputed policy without any disclaimer of its current status.

Another concern previously raised by members is the banning of the use of ‘hands free devices’ or ‘bluetooth units’ while driving for work. The draft procedure fails to outline why the rules in place for the general public using these roads allow for the use of such devices, but DPTI staff can not.

Previous concerns raised by members that the policy was to include a mandated restriction for staff to drive significantly below the speed limit (100 km/hr in 110 km/hr zones) without the consideration of safety concerns has now been dropped. Instead staff will now be required to “Observe speed limits” and “Drive at speeds appropriate to conditions” which is consistent with previous feedback received from our members.

The PSA has also received the documents for the use of Body Worn Cameras. The PSA was advised that the trial has now ended and that the ongoing roll out of Body Worn Cameras will continue. While this move is in the interest of safety for DPTI staff the PSA is concerned that as your union we were not advised of the trial before it began nor did the PSA receive any policy documents for consultation prior to implementation.

The PSA raised the issue at the DPTI Consultative Forum and requested an update as well as the Standard Operating Procedure and Policy documents. If members have concerns regarding the use of Body Worn Cameras they can contact the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline.

Members are encouraged to raise any issues or feedback on the proposed documents to PSA by email by 5:00pm, Wednesday 5 September 2018.