DPTI Defies SA Employment Tribunal in Drug and Alcohol Policy Debacle

17 July 2018

DPTI HR have sent an email to DPTI staff today stating the “Drug and Alcohol Policy is live and in effect”. This statement is not accurate.

This demonstrates a shameful dismissal of legitimate staff concerns issues, and disregards proper industrial processes and the current SA Employment Tribunal (SAET) process.

The PSA remains in dispute with DPTI in relation to the drug and alcohol policy.

The PSA has immediately called for the matter to be re-listed with the SAET.

We urge PSA members to disregard the DPTI email. PSA members should contact the PSA immediately if there is any attempt to ask you to participate in random testing or other processes connected to this proposed policy.

The DPTI Drug and Alcohol Policy debacle has been going since May 2016 when members raised strong concerns about the policy.

After months of meetings where DPTI continued to dismiss PSA members’ legitimate concerns, the PSA lodged a dispute in the SAET. In the Tribunal DPTI agreed to make some small changes and also agreed to send an amended policy to the PSA. DPTI has refused to do this. Instead DPTI has unilaterally announced to staff by email that the policy has commenced. The matter remains in dispute.

PSA members share a strong concern that this policy is draconian, unreasonable, unjustified inequitable and could lead to unfair and discriminatory practice by management.

Once again DPTI management has demonstrated their contempt for genuine consultation and reasonable discussion with their staff, as well as contempt for the SAET and SAET processes.

We will keep members informed as matters develop.