DPTI | Drug and Alcohol Policy: Confusion Continues as Department Continues to Drag its Feet

02 November 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) and Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) were in the tribunal again on 24 October 2018 about the disputed Drug and Alcohol policy and program.

The PSA continues to highlight members’ concerns that still exist in the proposed policy. Despite the PSA trying to resolve these issues over the last two years, many still remain.

The Department had agreed to respond to the PSA’s most recent correspondence before the tribunal hearing, however at the hearing Departmental Officers admitted that the matter was still with the Chief Executive. The Department has now agreed to provide their response in the next three weeks.

The Department was unable to adequately answer key questions but accepted that some staff had felt that training was not sufficient and had been too long ago to remember. Members continue to express concerns that the policy and program is confusing and draconian and have yet to have an adequate explanation as to why the policy is being proposed, why policies from other Department’s cannot be used as the basis for a DPTI policy and why the reasonable suggestions from members go largely ignored.

Key among the list of concerns discussed at the tribunal was the right to dispute test results as the proposed process for disputing a random test is still unclear and open to interpretation and misuse.

The Department also reaffirmed that no one will be randomly tested at this point (excluding those covered by the Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) Act 2012).

The PSA will continue to pursue changing this draconian, confusing, and unnecessary policy through the South Australian Employment Tribunal and will update members on the progress of this matter.