DOM Care Update

07 March 2018

Last Friday and this Monday, PSA Lead Organiser visited all Dom Care sites to discuss any final issues or questions members had before making the decision about whether to move to RDNS or stay with Government.

Some key issues members raised include:

1. Can I stay with the PSA or join the PSA if I am moving to the RDNS?

Yes. The PSA can continue to be your union if you are moving to the RDNS. We encourage staff to join at this time if they are not already members. The PSA has been intimately involved in the development of the package, your current Enterprise Agreement, and the materially affected and RRR processes. We will therefore be able to address any potential issues that may occur in the transition to RDNS or for those staying with Government. We have also begun to build a relationship with the management of the RDNS so we can assist you as employees of RDNS. For those not already members, they can speak with their PSA rep or join online here (link).

3. What happens to our agreement after two years in the RDNS?

Your current Enterprise Agreement and all the conditions in it are guaranteed for two years. At the expiry of this agreement, a new agreement will have to be made. You will not automatically go onto the current RDNS agreement.

We expect a seat at the bargaining table at this time to negotiate the next agreement which is likely to be one agreement for all staff in the RDNS.

The more people who are union members, the better deal we will be able to get at this time.

All staff at the RDNS will vote on a new agreement at that time. We would hope to argue that the current conditions you enjoy should be transferred into a new agreement in two years’ time.

4. How long does the materially affected process last?

There is no clear answer to this. The process has to be followed under the OPS Guideline for materially affected employees and the RRR (retraining, redeployment and redundancy) process will only kick in when there is no position available after the materially affected process.

5. What about if I have an open workers compensation claim?

It is very important that if you have a current open workers compensation claim to contact the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline.

The PSA acknowledges that this is a time of uncertainty. We will continue to support members where ever you end up to ensure all commitments made are kept and your industrial interests are protected.

For any other issues or questions please feel welcome to contact the PSA.