Dom Care | The Meetings are Over, Now it is Decision Time | How Can the PSA Help?

12 February 2018

As you know, between now and 9 March 2018, Domiciliary Care staff will need to make a decision between staying in Dom Care and working with the RDNS, or remaining in Government.

Do you still have questions?
A large number of questions have been answered at the information sessions and continue to answered by email by the RDNS and DCSI. If there are further questions or issues you wish to have clarified you can send them to PSA and we will get answers for you. These questions can be asked without identifying you as an individual if you are a PSA member.

Can you still be a PSA member?
At the meetings last week, a number of PSA members wanted clarification about whether they could keep their membership and encourage others to join. The simple answer is yes, but below are some reasons why. To remain a PSA member you do not need to do anything, but please update your details with us when you move positions.

If you choose to continue as Domcare workers with the RDNS
The PSA was instrumental in developing the transition package for staff moving to the RDNS and this is the best package that has ever been offered in these circumstances. We also negotiated the new enterprise agreement which, under the law, follows you and becomes your conditions for the next two years if you move to the RDNS.

By remaining a PSA member or joining the PSA we will ensure the commitments given by the RDNS and DCSI are kept (commitments in your contract, the transition package, enterprise agreement, and the information meetings). We will be able to assist with any issues because we have the industrial expertise in your circumstances.

If you choose to remain in Government
The PSA has a commitment to ensure staff whose positions are materially affected are properly and compassionately case managed. We have direct contact with the team responsible for this work in Government and can advise and represent members through this process. PSA membership will continue for you in your new position in Government.

What do I do between now and March 9?
The most important thing to do is ensure you have all the information you need to make a decision that is best for you and your circumstances. We urge members to access all the people the RDNS and DCSI have made available over this time. You may also want to get financial advice or access the EAP.

What is in the transition package?

  •  $15,000 payment (tax treatment still to be notified by the tax office)
  •  Your enterprise agreement and award go with you until the agreement expiry date in 2020. Link to your agreement here
  •  All of your service is transferred and counted towards entitlement with the RDNS. ( e.g. Long service leave, retention leave)
  •  Continued ability to access jobs in Government for 2 years through the notice of vacancies process as if you were still a Government employee.
  •  RDNS contributes to SuperSA SSS scheme and there continues to be no restrictions on the amount of super you can salary sacrifice.
  •  No forced redundancies guaranteed for the 2 year transition.

The PSA will be visiting all worksites between now and 9 March 2018 so you can talk with us about any additional issues.