Does Corporate Management's Refusal to Acknowledge Your Increasing Workloads add to your Frustration?

02 November 2016

Since Transforming Health changes have been implemented at Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN), members have been reporting increasing workloads. This is particularly true for members working in the Emergency Department at Lyell McEwin Hospital. This group of members, under the guidance of their Workplace Representatives, are currently working to collate data to substantiate these increasing workload claims.

Building on members' feedback, the PSA has requested that members receive paid time for their involvement in the meeting to discuss the concerns. In addition, the PSA requested that the allotted 1.0 FTE funding for the CALHN to NALHN transfers be immediately transferred to NALHN to ease the workload burden. Corporate Management's response to date has been far from satisfactory.

  • Management are stating that presentations have increased, on average, over a 24 hour roster by 2 patients per day – This is not in keeping with member feedback
  • Management are stating that CALHN to NALHN transfers will be filled through an Expression of Interest, even though no one to date has expressed an interest in moving across - Can you imagine how much longer this process is going to take?
  • The PSA request that paid meeting time be provided to members as a gesture of good will - No decision from Management to date

The PSA is aware that increasing workloads are not only a problem for members in the Emergency Department. Become part of the solution by joining the PSA and working together with your member colleagues to ensure that your voices are truly heard. Do not stand back and accept the bland, non-committal responses that are reiterated by NALHN.

If you are facing increased workloads and want to work with your colleagues to address these concerns, contact the PSA.