Do you work in Medical Records and are you still classified as an ASO1?

27 October 2016

The PSA has been actively pursuing a reclassification from ASO1 to ASO2 for members in Medical Records at the Women's and Children's Hospital.

The PSA now intends to escalate this matter on behalf of members as a matter of priority due to inaction from the Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN).

The (WCHN) had indicated that they intended to review the ASO1 Administrative Assistant role within Medical Records to ensure that roles and positions were appropriately classified and remunerated in accordance with the applicable industrial instruments including Work Level Definitions.

However, WCHN subsequently provided no further information about the proposed review.

The PSA then required that all ASO1s be reclassified to ASO2 immediately. WCHN took no action.

This lack of acknowledgement and recognition of the work that ASO1s carry out on a continual basis is unacceptable. This disregard is made worse by virtue of the fact that all the other local health networks - following PSA advocacy - have now reclassified staff to the appropriate ASO2 level.

If you would like to add your name to the PSA's group reclassification application please contact PSA. Alternatively, please come and talk to your PSA representatives when they visit Medical Records on the date and time below. Those yet to join the SA are encouraged to join up and support their colleagues in achieving the classification level that is rightfully theirs!