Dispute Withdrawn - TAFE SA

29 February 2016

Following a series of meetings and correspondence between the Public Service Association (PSA) and TAFE SA, the PSA can confirm the dispute notification of 23 October 2015 is now withdrawn. The PSA letter to Mr Robin Murt, Chief Executive, TAFE SA can be viewed here.

The PSA was successful in ensuring:


  • TAFE SA adhered to the requirements for consultation and the established processes for workplace change under Commissioner's Determination No. 7 and the SA Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2014.


  • Where possible, prior to the commencement of an organisational review, TAFE SA shall ensure that Job Descriptors (role descriptors, Job and Person Specifications) for all 'in-scope' employees shall be current and have undergone recent review, ie within the previous 12 month period.


  • Transparency with respect to vacancy management to overcome the perception that TAFE SA seeks to fill vacancies with external applicants exclusively by:


Re-establishing the TAFE SA Recruitment and Vacancies page on the TAFE SA intranet, listing all current vacancies.

Placing the TAFE SA Recruitment and Vacancies page in a more prominent location on the TAFE SA intranet.

Distributing a weekly communication to all TAFE SA employees, via the T-DAY communication or similar that summarises all vacant positions within TAFE SA and provides a hyperlink through to the TAFE SA Recruitment and Vacancies page.

Providing access to all TAFE SA employees to a 'Facts Sheet' that lists the action TAFE SA will take to support employees to find alternative employment within TAFE SA or the wider South Australian Public Sector in the event that their substantive role is abolished and/or they are declared an excess employee. It is proposed that the Facts Sheet be developed in consultation with the PSA.

All members are encouraged to continue look out for and report to the PSA any deviations from the above and any breaches of consultation and workplace change requirements.

Any member who would like to provide feedback should contact the PSA