Dispute Notified - DCSI Breaches Enterprise Agreement Obligations

10 February 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) has notified the Department for Community and Social Inclusion (DCSI) of a dispute arising from the lack of consultation about the removal of support roles based at Metropolitan Aboriginal Youth and Family Services (MAYFS), and the potential reduction of conditions throughout MAYFS.

There are significant concerns that DCSI has not recognised the important services delivered by staff at MAYFS (Regency Park and Marni Wodli). DCSI has written to the PSA stating that the support staff are only undertaking training, and that there has been no intention to relocate them away from MAYFS. However, the Department's information appears to be inconsistent.

The PSA and staff are entitled to genuine consultation before any decision
is made - not after.

Historically, the important services you provide have been placed under different directorates. There are concerns about changes taking place without proper consultation processes being undertaken. Members at MAYFS deserve much better – and it is time that we demand better from DCSI. It is time for staff to be heard.

The PSA correspondence is here and here – as well as the poor response from DCSI which does not even acknowledge their industrial responsibilities.

While the PSA works towards ensuring a genuine consultation process is put in place, the PSA requests members forward all your concerns to your PSA Worksite Representatives or the PSA.