Disability Services Update - News and Actions

14 August 2018

There has been a number of developments in the area of Disability in Government over the past few weeks. PSA Lead Organiser has met with members at a number of sites and attended staff briefings about latest developments in disability.

PSA officials also met with the Manager, Workforce Transition, responsible for the materially affected process, to commence discussions about concerns identified by members with the implementation of, and proposed changes to the mobility guideline (materially affected process).

ASSIST Services
Minda has been announced as the NGO provider for ASSIST services.

The PSA has written to DHS about staff access to AHA positions in health should they remain in Government. The letter is available here .

A consultative committee meeting will be held on Monday 13 August 2018 where the PSA will be asking questions and raising issues on behalf of members.

Please send anything you wish to be raised at the consultative committee by email.

Child and Youth Services
Members are engaged in the process of moving and transitioning which has created increased workload and considerable pressure.

PSA Lead Organiser be holding a meeting for staff on Thursday  at Regency Park.

All staff are encouraged to attend so we can discuss any current issues of concern.

Corporate / NDIS Reform Staff
A PSA meeting was held on Monday 30 July 2018 where staff raised a number of concerns about the implementation of the materially affected process. A follow up meeting is being held on Monday 13 August 2018 at Riverside. All staff are welcome to attend.

Supported Community Accommodation / Group Homes
A number of meetings have been held for Supported Community Accommodation staff in the South but no further information has been provided. The PSA and UV campaigns continue. PSA meetings have been organised at Strathmont and Fullarton. Details of these were recently sent to members.

Domiciliary Equipment Services
Staff were informed last week that their service will go to a market process. There is very little detail at this stage and a consultative process is in the process of being established. A PSA meeting will be organised in the next few weeks.

Does your worksite want a visit?
Please let us know by email if you would like a visit from the PSA to your workplace.

It is time to join the union
This is an uncertain and complex time for staff in Government working in Disability. Whether you are moving to the private sector, joining the mutual or staying in Government, the more people in the union, the more we can ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect at this time and protect access to your industrial rights.

Please encourage your colleagues to join.