Disability Sector Update

06 June 2019

The Department for Human Services has made it clear that the area of Disability in State Government will be significantly smaller after July 2019 due to the NDIS.

A large number of staff are likely to take TVSPs and there is currently an active departmental process to find materially affected staff alternative ongoing employment, either in DHS or elsewhere in Government.

There is also a major restructure occurring in Accommodation Service and it is unlikely that there will continue to be a policy unit in Riverside. DES is gong currently going through a process of being outsourced to the private sector.

Accommodation Services

Staffing concerns
Following concerns raised by members at the last PSA meeting about staff shortfalls due to TVSPs, an urgent meeting was held between PSA Organiser and Worksite Reps and senior management. The concerns were heard and strategies put in place to manage this interim problem. Please let us know if there are still problems.

New Structure Consultation
The official consultation period has concluded however the PSA could only respond in general terms because we still have not been provided with key documentation in order to be consult adequately with our members. We have again sought the information below and intend to ensure there is an adequate opportunity to consult with PSA members.

  •  The current management structure and its comparison with the proposed structure.
  •  Numbers of staff in the current and the proposed management structure ( MAS, PO, AHP, ASO and OPS)
  •  Numbers of staff in the current and the proposed management structure ( MAS, PO, AHP, ASO and OPS)
  •  The number of contract and ongoing positions in the current structure and the proposed new structure
  •  The proposed role descriptions in the proposed structure
  •  Will there be any need for staff to move their location and if so where is this proposed?

The PSA has also sought responses to the following questions and issues:

1. There is a need to provide more information and opportunity for consultation with the ASO6 Accommodation Service Managers as they do not appear in the proposed structure. It is unclear how these people will be employed in the new proposed structure.

2. Regional managers - what has happened to them?

3. Shift Supervisors – how will the role change?

4. Country Services in Mount Gambier and Kadina - What is the future of the staff and the offices in these locations?

5. Will staff be required to relocate and what is the process of this decision and how will staff be consulted?

6. The Business Compliance Unit is included in the proposed new structure with no change. There is an understanding that once a director is appointed, the structure will be reviewed. The PSA has sought assurance that any review of the structure of business services is managed in a way that ensures the issues raised by staff are considered. There are also complex staffing and roster issues in this area as well as HR issues that link to IT systems. The PSA believes there should be no change in this area until there is something formal to consult about. Staff have considerable expertise and experience and co-design seems a good approach.

7. Clause 15.2 of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 stipulates that a workload assessment should be completed as part of any workplace change. The PSA asked if this this occurred and if so, to be informed of an outline of the process and outcome.

Consultative Committee
The first Consultative Committee for Accommodation Services was held on Monday 27 May 2019. PSA Worksite Representatives on the committee are Terry Connor and Amanda Henson. It was also good to see that Leonie Prioir and Wayne Cunningham nominated as staff reps.

At this meeting the following issues were discussed: extension of the consultation timeline; transition principles; managing TVSPs; shift supervisors; site managers; and concerns from the Business Compliance Unit.

The committee will be meeting fortnightly. Please email or talk to your Worksite Representatives if there are issues you wish to be raised at the meeting. A report will be given at each PSA members’ meeting.

PSA meetings
Regular PSA meetings will be held over the next few months to ensure PSA members are listened to and protected during the process of consultation and restructure.

PSA members will be notified of these meeting times next week.