Disability Accommodation BCU Office Move Update

28 October 2019

On Friday 28 October 2019, PSA Team Leader Organising and PSA Worksite Representative met with Disability to discuss issues that members had raised about the move of BCU staff from Strathmont to the city.

In addition, the SDRO staff has also met with Michael to discuss the specific issues that affect them.

The following issues were discussed.

1. Inspection of the Site by the Work Health Safety Representative. This has now occurred and there have been no health and safety issues identified.

2. Safety, Transport and Parking Issues. These have been addressed and agreed to by the SDRO team so that no staff will be required to drive to the city early in the morning. Special arrangements have also been made for weekends and public holidays.

3. Adequate Space. We have been assured there is adequate space in the new location for all staff, including meetings rooms.

4. Recruitment Team. The work associated with the recruitment of staff will be negotiated with the team to ensure that the processes are managed without disruption.

5. Individual Personal Circumstances. We were assured these had been negotiated. If members have issues that have not been addressed, please raise them with management prior to the move.

It is important that any other issues or concerns are raised with management in the next week. If members have any concerns or issues please email PSA.