DHS Update | Unassigned Staff, Accommodation Services, Domiciliary Equipment Service

19 August 2019

Materially affected and unassigned members
The PSA recently met with DHS management to discuss the implications of the end of the mobility pathway for staff who are materially affected due to the NDIS and changes to Aged Care.

The Department has around 130 staff who are not at this stage placed in an ongoing role.

DHS has ceased the arrangement where the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment provided a placement service for materially affected staff. DHS HR and Placement team is now responsible for this work.

The Department is intending to declare staff who do not have an on-going role “excess” in order for them to access job opportunities across the whole of Government. They have agreed to hold meetings with staff on Monday 19, Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 August 2019 to provide information and answer questions.

The PSA attend these meetings and meet with staff after DHS management has spoken.

Accommodation Services - Job descriptions, next PSA meeting and BCU
The job descriptions are currently out for consultation. Please have a good look and provide feedback directly to the consultation email but also send any comments or questions or proposed changes to PSA.

The Consultative Committee met again on 5 August 2019. It was agreed that Program Coordinators would be recruited with the current role description due to the problem of a large number of this staff leaving in September. The transition principles were also agreed.

Now that all documents have been provided, final feedback is due and the consultation period for this stage will be completed at the end of August.

Members in the BCU were surprised and concerned when their manager announced a proposed temporary shift of location of their whole team to Highgate without appropriate consultation. This would impact negatively on staff in a number of ways. The has PSA supported members to demand genuine discussions with staff about the location of the BCU so a sensible approach can be taken that will benefit the work and not disadvantage staff.

The next PSA member meeting will be on Tuesday 20 August 2019.

Domiciliary Equipment Services – no sale!
Staff have been informed that no buyer has been found for DES and so the tender process has ceased. Many questions were raised by staff at the consultative committee but there was no information available as the Department has not yet determined what this will mean.

The PSA raised questions about the implications for staff and their futures, including whether contract staff will have their contracts rolled over considering a large number end in March 2020. The PSA questioned whether the criteria that had been developed and approved by staff for an alternate provider would be ignored or watered down in order to secure a sale.

Worksite Representatives called for staff meetings to be organised when more information becomes available and that senior managers of the Department attend these meetings so staff can ask questions.

The PSA will continue to keep members informed.