DHS Offers Tvsps | Disability Update

01 February 2019

Yesterday the Department for Human Services (DHS) put out a call for expressions of interest for a TVSP. This is a significant shift in the Department’s approach as members have been told up to now that there would be no TVSPs available.

The PSA has sought clarification about a number of issues.

How does this connect with the materially affected process?
The materially affected process continues to apply and staff will continue to be managed by a case manager and found alternate work in the Public Service. The only difference is that now there is an alternate option for those who wish to leave the public service. A number of members had previously raised their desire to have the option of a TVSP available to them, especially those who are at the end of their careers.

The materially affected process was designed to ensure that staff affected by the rollout of the NDIS would not lose their jobs but have priority access to redeployment into other areas of Government.

What if I am working on a term contract in another department or seconded elsewhere?
Our understanding is that all staff who are substantively employed in DHS can submit an expression of interest for a TVSP. All DHS staff should have received communication about this.

What will the organisation look like post the implementation of the NDIS? What jobs will remain in State Government hands?
The Department has informed the PSA there is no specific number of jobs to go in the TVSP process. They are making the call to see how many people may be interested. At the same time, there will be intensive discussions occurring about the future structure of the Department.

Some areas of the Department already have established consultative structures in place. The PSA will be pushing for clear and inclusive consultative processes so staff can have input into future plans.

What if I am working in the In-Kind Unit?
There is a significant number of staff working to assist the roll out of the NDIS. The PSA will be organising a meeting of members in this unit in the next two weeks in order to discuss any issues about the future.

What about Accommodation Services?
The impact on Accommodation will be more complex as only staff under the salaried agreement (i.e. ASOs and OPS staff) and no DIS workers will have access to packages. In addition the service will have to continue for clients for some time.

A PSA meeting will be held for members in Supported Community Accommodation on:

Monday 18 February 2019