DEWNR Job Losses - More Information Needed

20 October 2017

The PSA has received a number of calls from concerned members with the Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources, arising from recent media articles highlighting that the Department is looking for expressions of interest in taking over part or all of the work done on some DEWNR sites.

If you have any information about potential job loses, please contact PSA here.

It is vital that the PSA receives any information about potential job loses so that we can ensure members’ rights and entitlements are protected. In the coming weeks the PSA will be organising a number of site visits and phone conferences to discuss issues members face within DEWNR.

If DEWNR has plans to change or cut roles within the Department, they need to fulfil the consultation clause of your Enterprise Agreement which includes providing the PSA with details of proposed changes, and the opportunity to provide feedback before any changes are implemented.

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