DEW Cuts Coming: Proposed Structure Announced | Send us your Comments and Questions

31 January 2019

The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) has advised the Public Service Association (PSA) to advise of the proposed structure of the Department from July 1 2019. This correspondence also outlines to timeframes for consultation and implementation.

Under the proposal the Department would be split into divisions - Boards and Councils; Strategy, Science and Corporate Services; National Parks and Wildlife; Water and River Murray; and Sustainable Economic Development.

The PSA is concerned this structure will bring into effect the 110 FTE cuts to the Department as foreshadowed by the 2017/2018 State Budget after the department “has endured cuts at every budget for the last decade… a catastrophic decline” (then Shadow Minister for the Environment, now Minister for the Environment David Speirs in 2017).

These changes have a clear political and economic focus and threaten the quality of work DEW staff do to protect our environment and water resources in South Australia.

The Department has now opened consultation on the structural realignment. Consultation with affected staff and the PSA is a requirement of your Enterprise Agreements. This is a whole of organisation change so it may impact on more people than those whose jobs are directly affected.

Please send comments, questions and other feedback to the PSA via email. The PSA will collate all feedback and provide this to the Department in a way that does not identify any individual.

As more details emerge through this process the PSA will be organising worksite meetings and teleconference opportunities for members to discuss these changes over coming weeks and months. Details of these meetings will be provided via email updates. Members can also contact PSA to arrange a work-site meeting or teleconference.