Department for Trade, Tourism and Investment Update

24 October 2019

Your Public Service Association (PSA) Worksite Representatives (WSR’s) along with PSA Organiser met with Department for Trade, Tourism and Investment yesterday.

Throughout this restructure the PSA and the WSR’s have been meeting fortnightly with HR and management to provide feedback and monitor and track the process.

As we are coming to the final stages of implementation the PSA and WSR’s agreed to move to monthly meetings with the department.

The PSA is waiting for the department to report back with all final outcomes of the restructure and implementation process. This report will include all data about staff placements and unassigned employees which they have committed to do in two week’s time once the finalisation of implementation is complete.

Once the department has reported back to the PSA we will run a meeting to brief members. Members will be notified of meeting details once they have been confirmed with DTTI.

The PSA continues to monitor workloads as staff transition into the new departmental structure.

If staff have any feedback about this or other processes at DTTI please contact PSA.