Department for Trade Tourism and Investment - End of Year Update from the PSA

20 December 2018

After the members meeting held 21 November 2018, the Public Service Association (PSA) wrote to Department for Trade Tourism and Investment (DTTI) Chief Executive (CE) with feedback from members about the proposed restructure.

The PSA received notification that DTTI were delaying the presentation of the detailed organisational chart. This was welcomed by the PSA as we have concerns about the timing of this announcement and implication for staff who had already started leave.

Following this the PSA met with Change Manager and Communications Adviser about the Review and Restructure process being undertaken by the department. In this meeting the PSA asked for a response from the CE to our letter of 4 December 2018 which was confirmed to be in process. At this point the PSA have not received a reply.

In the New Year the PSA will hold a members’ meeting following receipt of a response from the CE to the additional clarity being sought by members.

PSA would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our members a safe and happy holidays.