Department for Industry and Skills | Responses to Members

13 December 2018

Following the Department for Industry and Skills (DIS) members’ meeting on Wednesday 5 December 2018, the PSA along with your Worksite Representatives (WSRs) met on Friday 6 December 2018 with Human Resources (HR) to provide your feedback and seek further clarification on issues raised.

The issues that were further raised with HR were:

1. “The detailed organisational structure is inaccurate”.

HR has asked that staff who identify inaccuracy in the detailed organisational chart to provide those examples to the Manager or Director. If employees feel like their issues is not addressed please contact the PSA.

2. “That Position Descriptions remain too generic”.

HR has responded with asking that employees who have issues with Role Statements and or Job Descriptions please advise their Team leader or Manager. If the issues are not resolved then it can be escalated to the Director. HR can assist in the process at any time. If employees feel like their issues are not addressed please contact the PSA.

3. “What is the process for unassigned staff”?

Staff who fall out of the structure have the opportunity to express interest in the residual vacancies. The second stage is also the expression of interest in the mobility option. If staff are then unplaced, DIS will need to offer permanent/ongoing employees alternative duties while endeavouring to find them ongoing work. If after a reasonable amount of time DIS are unable to secure the staff ongoing work they can declare the staff member excess to requirements. If this happens the staff member will be formally offered a TVSP and all Redeployment, Retraining and Redundancy conditions of

Appendix 1 under the SAMPEAS 2017 will apply.

4. “That the proposed structure is too top heavy”.

HR will take this feedback to the Executive Group.

5. “Lack of clarity about the number of staff falling out of the structure”.

There are 27 staff who have accepted packages and 24 staff who, once the new structure was formalised, are now unplaced. That totals 51 staff who no longer appear in the ongoing structure of DIS.

6. “More clarity on the 40 FTE “in scope for re-balancing” before the end of the financial year”.

The 40 FTE the Chief Executive has spoken about being in scope for rebalancing refers to staff moving around the structure or to be placed where business needs are identified. This is to help the newly formed department align itself with the new Government’s future requirements. This may result in cost savings associated with this and there maybe staff expression of interest for VSP’s. It could also mean re-alignment of resources resulting in further cuts to the structure and then those staff becoming unplaced in the first instance. If after a reasonable time DIS’s placement team cannot secure ongoing employment, it is possible that those staff could potentially become excess. If an employee is declared excess it will be done formally by mail and all Redeployment, Retraining and Redundancy provisions of Apendix 1 will apply.

If you have any additional issues or processes that need clarification please contact your Worksite Representative or PSA Organiser.

Members can supply feedback further to this response to PSA by email.