Department for Industry and Skills

29 November 2018

On 20 June 2018, Chief Executive Mark Duffy wrote to the Public Service Association (PSA) to advise that as a result of the Machinery of Government (MOG) the newly formed Department for Industry and Skills (DIS) will undergo a strategy, functions and structure realignment.

DIS began engaging staff with workshops to review all functions and strategies with the existing staff structure transferred over from the former DSD.

The PSA attended various workshops and meetings conducted by DIS. Following this the PSA ran a meeting for members to discuss the transformation project and to gather feedback to present to the Transformation Team.

The concerns that members raised were:

  •  Wanting a flatter structure
  •  Significant workload issues, especially in regards to the department’s commitment to new trainees and apprenticeships.
  •  What happens to the staff who fall out of the proposed structure?
  •  What support is given to these staff?
  •  Merit based selection processes

These issues were presented to management on behalf of members.

On 21 November 2018 the Department released the new structure and began implementation. Members have contacted the PSA with concerns about the process, time frames and the lack of genuine consultation. In addition we now know that there are likely be in total 64 positions lost due to budget cuts. There is little clarity about how this will impact on the proposed structure.

A letter has been sent to the CE outlining these issues and seeking information on a number of matters. A copy of this letter can be seen here.

The PSA will schedule a members’ meeting to communicate the Department’s position once it has been received.