Department for Health and Wellbeing | Next Part of the New Structure Announced | Member Meetings and a Call for PSA Members’ Contributions

09 April 2019

PSA Assistant General Secretary and Senior Industrial Officer  attended a briefing with Deputy Chief Executive Don Frater on the morning of Wednesday 3 April 2019, prior to the announcement of Phase 2 of the Future State Design of the Department for Health and Wellbeing.

The PSA has now received formal correspondence outlining the next steps (here) regarding the reform of DHW to four core Divisions; the creation of Wellbeing SA and Digital Health SA; as well as the imminent establishment of the Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health.

In order to discuss these proposals with members, provide advice and get feedback about the proposal, PSA Organiser will be visiting worksites from Wednesday through Friday this week. Details of meetings will be provided very soon.

Members may be aware the proposal includes the transfer of a number of staff to positions to Local Health Networks, Statewide Clinical Support Services (SA Pathology) and Shared Services SA.

The areas proposed for transition are eHealth, Finance, and Risk and Audit services. Some staff already located within LHNs (Infrastructure, Procurement and Supply Chain Management) are also proposed to be in scope for transition.

We urge members to look closely at the proposal and identify any questions and issues you have and send them by email by Tuesday, 16 April 2019.

Some issues the PSA have already identified are:

  •  Job and person description changes
  •  the impact of budget cuts
  •  the implications for salary sacrificing
  •  redeployment/transfer rights for members who are required to move to LHN. Will staff be required to move physically?

It is pleasing to note the Department has now clarified that staff will continue to be employed under the Public Sector Act and the Enterprise Agreement.

Time to join the PSA
There are major changes to the structure of the health system this year. It is important for staff to join the PSA to influence the future and ensure your rights are protected. Please encourage your colleagues to join at this time.