Department for Health and Wellbeing | Future State Design | Call for PSA Members’ Contributions

15 March 2019

Wellbeing SA
The creation of a prevention agency called Wellbeing SA is referred to in the State Government’s policy platforms: Better Prevention for a Healthy South Australia and Targeted Health Prevention. Until now the PSA has not been included in any consultation on the early development of this prevention agency.

The PSA has now received the Wellbeing SA Discussion Paper and a proforma consultation questions document to provide feedback on a set of questions (here). Submissions can be emailed, by close of business on Friday 29 March 2019. The PSA still holds concerns about:

  •  Governance of Wellbeing SA. The discussion paper uses the words “It is likely at least initially, Wellbeing SA will be situated within the Department for Health and Wellbeing”. PSA members should be alarmed at that statement, as any changes to governance arrangements may affect your conditions of employment.
  •  There has been over 100 stakeholders involved in functional designing workshops to discuss the vision and rationale for Wellbeing SA including principles underpinning the agency and its potential functions. Yet there are still may unknown factors, including where finances for this agency will be sourced from. (In recent years Public Health and the Preventative Health Services were drastically cut, including a recent 10% State Budget Reduction).

The South Australian Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024 Summary framework webpage for consultation can be found here.

The webpage has links to an online discussion; a survey; and a feedback template, which can be completed and emailed to the project team.

PSA members who send feedback in are encouraged to also copy in the PSA. Consultation will remain open until 19 April 2019 (Good Friday public holiday).

The PSA will be providing a formal response to the proposal. We urge members to participate in the consultation process and send any issues, questions or comments to the PSA by the Wednesday 17 April 2019. If you want a visit from the PSA please contact your PSA Organiser by email.