Department For Health And Ageing - Sa Health’s Feedback Response to the Public Health and Clinical Systems Report

09 June 2017

The Public Service Association (PSA) met with the Chief Public Health Officer and has now received SA Health’s response to members feedback on the Public Health and Clinical Systems Report (here). A copy of the updated SA Health Review Response document 2017 (here) and the Frequently Asked Questions (here).

The PSA attended the staff information session this afternoon where the updated review response was discussed.

The PSA has been advised that members’ feedback has been thoroughly considered by the PHCS Working Group and many of the points raised are reflected in the Review Response. The PSA is now working through these documents to verify this.

At the first staff consultation forum there were concerns raised as to whether there would be an evaluation of the proposed restructure. This has been taken on board and the PSA has been advised that PHCS will consider how the new organisation structure is working and what, if any, changes will be needed to deliver the proposed “PHCS Strategic Plan 2017-20 that is currently being developed.

The PSA welcomes any comments or concerns from members be directed to PSA here.