Department for Education Budget Cuts Update

30 November 2018

To ensure members’ issues are addressed the PSA has been meeting with the Project Team in the Department for Education around the 2018 State Budget proposed cuts.

The PSA has raised in these meetings impacts such as staff workloads, programs and the community.

The PSA has expressed concerns around workload impacts resulting from the significant job reductions. The Department has considered our feedback in relation to potential workload impacts and implemented local workload consultation. The PSA encourages members to participate in this process.

DE is intending to restructure across directorates to meet the budget cuts early next year. DE has advised the PSA that staff will be consulted around proposed restructures. The PSA will be visiting members at this time to gather your feedback.
DE has proposed that during this period staff will be able to once again express their interest in a Targeted Voluntary Separation Package (TVSP) and these will be reviewed pending consultative outcomes.

The PSA is committed to fighting against job cuts and believes fundamentally in the importance of a well resourced public sector. The PSA reminds members they do not need to accept a TVSP if they wish to continue working in Government. The PSA is committed to advocating for any members who may be targeted at a later stage of this process who do not wish to take a TVSP.