Department for Education | System Performance Division Restructure

29 May 2020

On 13 May 2020 the Public Service Association (PSA) received written communication from the Department for Education (DE) advising of the proposed restructure of the System Performance Division. Since then the PSA has been talking with members, working through all documentation, and has sought additional information so we have a full understanding of the proposal.

The PSA has also been in contact with DE HR to organise a meeting for Monday 1 June 2020 to clarify initial questions and issues so we can be in a position to provide members with accurate information.

The next step will be to meet with members from the two affected areas via video link. This meeting will be held on Tuesday 2 June 2020. We are currently arranging the time with DE management. Once the time is confirmed the PSA will notify members of this meeting. All staff are welcome to attend.

What are my rights in this process?
Clause 34 of the Enterprise Agreement clearly outlines the process of consultation for change.

34.1.1 Consultation involves sharing of information and the exchange of views between employers and persons or bodies that must be consulted and the genuine opportunity for them to contribute effectively to any decision making process. This includes consultation with the applicable union whose members are effected.

34.1.2 Employers and Agencies consult in good faith, not simply advise what will be done.

This means there can be no implementation until a genuine consultation process has occurred. If you believe there is any implementation happening (e.g. advertising of positions, role changes etc) please contact your PSA Organiser immediately.

Our aims are to protect members’ jobs and ensure the Department follows the proper process of consultation. Already we have concerns that jobs are proposed to be abolished while at the same time others are being created without any discussion about the possibility of training and providing opportunities for current staff to build on their current knowledge and expertise.

At a time when it is more difficult to communicate due to staff being out of the office, extra care and more time should be provided to ensure good faith consultation.

Please do not hesitate to contact the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline on 8205 3227 or your PSA Organiser directly with any concerns or industrial issues.