Department For Correctional Services | Level Four Work Practices

21 May 2020

The Public Service Association (PSA) continues to work closely with your Worksite Representatives (WSRs) and is in regular communication with the Department for Correctional Services in relation to COVID-19 matters affecting the PSA membership.

PSA General Secretary Nev Kitchin wrote to the Department for Correctional Services (DCS) Chief Executive (CE) David Brown outlining PSA members’ concerns about the Level Four Work Practices in response to the current public health emergency, specifically to containing the spread of COVID-19 within the Department for Correctional Services institutions.

The General Secretary sought assurances that the Level Four Work Practices will only remain in place during the current emergency period.

The PSA now advises that DCS CE David Brown has confirmed in writing:

“that these changes in practices are in direct response to the COVID-19 scenario planning and the current public health emergency. It is not the intention of the Department for these practices to extend beyond the length of the current public health emergency.”

The impacts of COVID-19 are changing frequently, and the PSA will continue to support members. As your union we will continue to advocate on our members’ behalf and ensure our members’ rights, safety, concerns, and wellbeing are at the forefront of decision making within DCS.

The PSA thanks all our members working in Corrections and acknowledges the safety and security you provide to the community as a front-line service. Remember to look after yourself and your workmates during these uncertain times.