DECD Response to Ongoing Staffing, Workloads and Resourcing Issues

28 September 2016

The Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) has provided responses to the ongoing issues of staffing, vacancies, workloads, and resources raised as part of the ongoing campaign by the PSA. The workforce management of Child Protection employees and application of conditions has been disadvantaging employees due to the lack of family friendly practices, over use of temporary contracts and no progress on retention strategies.

Please find a copy of the DECD response here.

The PSA correspondence regarding the ongoing challenges are located here.

PSA members' strong stance for improving the working conditions of Child Protection workers operating in a challenging child protection system resulted in additional temporary staff as short term solution. Longer term solutions have not been offered by DECD, however the shorter term commitments are continuing.

With workers at breaking point, the ongoing requests for employees to undertake weekend overtime and to care for children in care outside of the usual scope of duties demonstrates the concerns of our members remain unaddressed.

Please provide any feedback to the PSA via your Industrial Officer, Jason Newell and PSA Worksite Representatives, especially in relation to your ongoing workload concerns and pressures.