DECD Offer for Consideration at Members' Meeting

11 February 2016

Following extensive negotiations at both the Industrial Relations Commission and directly with DECD representatives, the PSA has now received an offer from the Department to resolve the current dispute.

Please find attached a number of documents that will be considered at the members meeting scheduled for Wednesday 10 February at 6.30pm.

1) Letter dated 8 February. This document predominantly details the issues DECD have responded to in relation to immediate solutions to relieve workload pressures.

2) Longer term Reviews. This scanned page details the longer term system reviews being offered by DECD.

3) Current Positions across Families as of 21 January 2016 and broken down by site.

4) Last Redesign Organisation Structure as of 2014.

DECD has also advised that information regarding the Solution Based Casework will be forwarded to the PSA prior to the member meeting.

In essence items 1 and 2 are the core elements of the offer under consideration while items 3 and 4 were specifically requested by the PSA as ensuring complete transparency of staffing and structures within the Department. This important meeting will decide the next steps of this dispute, so please ensure maximum attendance to ensure your voice is heard.

For further information or clarification, please contact your PSA Worksite Representatives or the PSA.