DE Job Cuts: Final Restructure Packs Released and Draft Job and Person Specifications Open for Consultation

15 April 2019

The Department for Education (DE) has released final structure documents and associated draft Job and Person Specifications.

DE has sent the PSA copies of these documents and has advised they are available to staff on the intranet. Due to the large number of documents the PSA encourages members to access the draft Job and Person Specifications and restructure packs via DE’s intranet.

The draft Job and Person Specifications are open for consultation. The PSA encourages members to review them and provide any comments by email.

The PSA is working to make sure that all efforts are made by DE to manage staff at risk of becoming excess into available roles. This includes people who have been unplaced prior to budget cuts. The PSA is committed to making sure employees at risk of becoming excess who do not wish to take TVSPs are supported into ongoing employment.