DE Job Cuts and Restructures: Union Feedback Submission Attached

19 March 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) has provided a comprehensive submission to the Department for Education (DE) about the DE job cuts and associated restructures. Thank you to everyone who attended a union meeting or provided feedback to the PSA. Please find the PSA’s feedback submission to DE here. The PSA remains opposed to these cuts. We know these cuts will mean a loss to essential services including programs, the community, and institutional knowledge and experience from the Department.

The PSA will continue to keep members informed and involved in any further correspondence to and from DE.

Please also find a copy of the Department’s response letter (here) to the PSA’s interim questions (here). Through you raising issues, we have ensured that DE retains a commitment to making sure that jobs remain available for staff affected, and a commitment to consult around proposed and changed Job and Person specifications. This will mean we have more of a say around the impacts of proposed cuts going forward.

While formal consultation has closed, the PSA remains committed to raising and advocating around issues that continue to emerge. Please continue to raise issues through your PSA Organiser.

The PSA also would like to acknowledge all our members for supporting each other through these short-sighted proposed budget cuts. It is in times like this that we feel the support of our colleagues in the union the most.