DCSI Disability and the NDIS

02 February 2018

Last year all staff who were to be “materially affected” by the introduction of the NDIS were given information by the Department. Now that you have had time to process this information, you may have questions that need clarification or there may be particular issues that arise from this process that you want to discuss with your union, the PSA.

The PSA has met with the Department and have a very clear picture of the plan for each part of Disability SA and how it will be managed as well as how “materially affected” staff will be managed. Our job is to ensure that members are supported and procedures are properly followed throughout the move of clients to the NDIS.

This is why it is crucial that you remain a PSA member during this transition and encourage colleagues who are not yet members to join the PSA so we can provide them with information and support. They can join by calling the PSA on 8205 3200 or on line at cpsu.asn.au

Below is a table which outlines the plan for each part of disability services. If you have any general questions, useful information or concerns, please contact PSA. The PSA is happy to visit workplaces and talk with groups of members about this issue, just let us know. If you have individual issues of an industrial nature or about the materially affected process you can call the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline for advice and support on 8205 3227.

Service Future Direction Issues for Members
Group Homes Creation of a Public Corporation within State Government (like SA Water). This will involve a significant restructure. The PSA will be involved in ensuring staff conditions are protected because staff would still be employed under the Public Sector Act.
Community Services

No longer provided by the state.

Currently being “reshaped” to support move to NGO sector.

All staff are materially affected. The PSA will support members through the process.
Recreation and activities and CTASS Will be provided by NGO sector in the future. Consultation to commence soon. Consultation will commence soon. All staff will be materially affected. PSA will support members through this process.
Child and Youth Therapy and ECEI Creation of an Employee NGO Mutual. Constitution established and approval given by the NDIA. Staff will be represented on the board. Staff can continue as disability workers but employed by the employee mutual. The PSA will provide information and support for this new venture.
Adult Therapy and Residual Therapy services Move to NGO sector.  All staff will be materially affected. The PSA will support members through the process.
Corporate/implementation Wind down over time as NDIS commences. Staff will be impacted over time as the NDIS is rolled out. The PSA will support members through this.
Highgate Park Individualised approach – reconnecting to the community. All staff will choose between a move to the NGO sector or be materially affected. The PSA will support members through the process.