DCS - Sentence Administration Review

08 September 2017

The Department for Correctional Services (DCS) has advised the PSA by letter of its proposal to establish a centralised sentence administration unit.

The DCS proposal will change the work practices currently used to manage offender warrants.

The Sentence Management Unit located at the Adelaide Women’s Prison has been identified as the potential site for the centralised sentence administration unit.

The DCS letter states it is of the view that all current affected substantive warrants staff will be placed within the Department.

DCS has provided a commitment to consult with staff and the PSA on the proposed centralised model.

The PSA will be seeking further information regarding any impact on affected staff including any role changes and relocation. The PSA will also seek clarity as to where the physical (hard copy) warrants will be kept and if this is to be at the respective prison sites who will be responsible for the collation and filing of the warrants.

A copy of the DCS letter is attached here for information.