DCS: Ongoing Dispute Mobilong Prison - New Eyre and Ross Unit Accommodation

28 April 2017

Recommendations from a conference in the Industrial Relations Commission SA on Monday 24 April 2017 included DCS conducting a survey to establish what members at Mobilong consider to be the priorities in relation to the inclement weather issues identified with the new Eyre and Ross Unit accommodation.

The DCS Survey sent to members failed to include a question about the desirability of eaves or verandahs along side the new buildings and the Survey question in relation to personal protective equipment (PPE) (breathable waterproof jacket and pants and a broad brimmed hat) is considered to be a loaded question as it implies that the only option is shared PPE and ignores the option of PPE being issued on an individual basis and fitted to size.

As a result the PSA has written to DCS requesting that it withdraw its Survey and prepare another Survey covering the issues referred to above. The PSA has also asked that DCS provide a draft to the PSA prior to sending it to members.

The dispute regarding the increase in prisoner numbers at Mobilong Prison and the new Eyre and Ross Unit accommodation has been ongoing since May 2016. The dispute has involved various issues including the internal delineation fence, lack of prisoner employment and the structured day, selection of suitable prisoners for Mobilong, various infrastructure items and the issue of shelter and protection from rain and sun when working in and around Eyre Unit.

These matters have been the subject of numerous conferences and included arbitration in the Industrial Relations Commission SA.

The PSA is aware that members at Mobilong are frustrated by a litany of commitments that have not been delivered by DCS. The eave/verandah extensions around the Eyre Unit accommodation is a further commitment given by DCS that has not been delivered.

The PSA will keep members informed of further developments with this matter.