DCS - Northfield Transition Meeting Update

30 April 2019

The latest Northfield Transition Meeting was held on Friday 18 April 2019. PSA President Michael Griffiths and Worksite Representatives from the Adelaide Remand Centre (ARC), Yatala Labour Prison (YLP) and the Adelaide Women’s Prison (AWP) were in attendance along with a PSA organiser. An update is provided below on the two main agenda items:

Targeted Voluntary Separation Packages:

A large part of the meeting was spent discussing the process being undertaken by the Better Prisons Program (BPP) team in relation to Targeted Voluntary Separation Packages (TVSPs). Worksite Representatives clearly articulated how inadequate the process has been and how little information or general communication has been forthcoming to employees who had expressed an interest in receiving TVSPs. They expressed frustration and disappointment that the process for offers did not appear to be equitable or follow a set pattern.

The PSA requested that a communication be circulated as a priority from the Better Prisons Program team to all employees clearly outlining the TVSP process and confirming whether any employee who has expressed an interest will receive an offer. (The offer will not apply to certain employees, such as those who are on workcover or undertaking a disciplinary process.)

The PSA also received a commitment from the BPP team that they will now use the express post option rather than standard mail to ensure that employees do actually have three weeks in which to consider any offers and seek financial advice.

Line Allocation from Over Establishment to Establishment Roster:

At the meeting, the BPP Team presented only one proposal about this important topic and sought agreement from all WSRs present. The proposal put forward is that length of service as a Correctional Officer will dictate an officer’s allocation to the established roster from the over-establishment roster.

WSRs were angered that none of the proposals that had been put forward by the PSA in previous meetings had been considered. The PSA requested that consideration be given to other proposals. The BPP team agreed to give further consideration to the preferred option of the Adelaide Remand Centre being approved to continue with their own establishment roster at both YLP, AWP and Adelaide Pre-Release Centre when they transition across.

The PSA is due to attend the next meeting on Friday 3 May 2019 and will provide members with an update on this matter at this time.