DCS Investigation Re: Return to Custody

12 August 2016

Following the recent highly public incident regarding the issue of a returning prisoner the PSA has been advised that following an internal investigation undertaken by DCS individual letters have been sent to members directly from the Chief Executive.

While the PSA believes system improvements are needed this should not be achieved by attempting to scapegoat individual members within any area of the Department.

While the PSA understands that the Department needs to identify the system failings that led to this incident, it does not agree that the heavy handed approach being applied on individuals is the appropriate method. Consequently the PSA sought that DCS withdraw the letters. This request was denied.

The PSA will now write to DCS on behalf of all members contacted by the Chief Executive in this matter. Any member who has received such a letter from the Chief Executive should contact the PSA, providing a copy of the relevant letter from the CE.

The PSA will advise DCS that as this matter relates to system failings we shall be responding on behalf of all members affected, and that members are being advised not to respond individually.