DCS Investigation Letters - Prisoner Unlawfully at Large

15 August 2016

The PSA met with the DCS Chief Executive (CE) on Friday, 12 August 2016, to discuss the individual investigation letters sent to some staff in relation to the prisoner unlawfully at large from YLP.

The PSA was represented by Nev Kitchin (PSA General Secretary), Michael Griffiths (PSA President), Pat Bell (PSA Councillor), Ted Szarek (PSA Industrial Officer) and PSA Worksite Representatives Ray Hutson and Perry Dean.

The PSA explained that our members are concerned the letters will be used for disciplinary purposes.

The CE assured the PSA that the letters are not part of a disciplinary process. The CE stated the purpose of the letters is to allow the relevant staff an opportunity to provide further clarity to specific questions and subsequently allow the matter to be closed.

The CE acknowledged that there was a lack of DCS systems guidance.

If required PSA members may seek advice from the PSA in regards to their response to the letters.

Please direct any questions to PSA Industrial Officer Ted Szarek at tcs@cpsu.asn.au or by phone 08 8205 3213.