DCS Custodial Central Consultative Committee (CCC) Meeting – Terminated Early by DCS

07 December 2018

DCS Executive terminated the Custodial Central Consultative Committee (CCC) Meeting held at DCS Corporate Office on Thursday 6 December 2018.

At the meeting PSA Worksite Representatives including the PSA President stated that PSA members are frustrated with the lack of information and response to key issues arising from the Better Prisons Program.

The decision to privatise the ARC and subsequently not provide information about the benchmark metrics remains of paramount concern to PSA members. The failure by DCS to respond to these questions is in breach of the DCS stated values of “Honesty and Integrity” and “Collaboration and Engagement”.

PSA Worksite Representatives at the meeting questioned the lack of response from DCS in relation to a request for PSA Worksite Representatives from the ARC, YLP and AWP/APC to meet and discuss key matters that will affect staff at these locations due to the Better Prisons Program. These matters include rosters; leave arrangements; duty post positions; smoke free workplace; personal officer operational equipment; and a worksite familiarisation strategy for staff transitioning from the ARC.

PSA Worksite Representatives stated their preference to set other CCC meeting agenda items aside to discuss the Better Prisons Program.

DCS Executive disagreed with the PSA agenda preference. Some terse discussion ensued resulting in DCS Executive terminating the meeting early.