DCS 12 Hour Shift Proposal Unacceptable

18 May 2017

PSA Correctional Officer Worksite Representatives from all prisons gave preliminary consideration to the DCS proposal for a shift length flexibility pilot when they met on 17 May 2017.

The Department’s proposal for a shift length flexibility pilot appears to be the same proposal the Department put forward in 2014.

The proposal was overwhelmingly rejected by PSA members across the state in 2014.

PSA Worksite Representatives unanimously determined today that the proposal remains unacceptable for reasons including the following:

  • The proposal lacks important details – e.g. no draft rosters
  • There would be reductions in Sick Leave, Annual Leave, Long Service Leave
  • Penalties would be reduced
  • There is insufficient recognition for being required to work 12 hour shifts

PSA Worksite Representatives determined they would consider any genuine proposal the Department may put forward as long as – at a minimum – rosters were attached and it covered the unacceptable issues arising from the current proposal.

PSA Worksite Representatives also determined that any discussions which may lead to proposals in relation to shift lengths – either in individual prisons or across the Department – will only be conducted in a forum attended by PSA Worksite Representatives from every prison.  

PSA Worksite Representatives have also unanimously agreed that no local working parties or discussions about shift lengths will occur in individual prisons.

The PSA advised the government of this position at today’s Enterprise Bargaining General Meeting.

The PSA is continuing to work with Worksite Representatives towards finalising the PSA draft Salaried  Enterprise Agreement Correctional Officer proposals.