DCS | PDO Falling an a Public Holiday | Payment for the Public Holiday

22 January 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) has received enquiries from members who recently had a PDO fall on a public holiday.

When a PDO falls on a public holiday the SA Public Sector Salaried Employees Interim Award, Part 9, clause 9.4.6 applies. Pursuant to this clause an alternative PDO will be provided either immediately preceding or immediately following the public holiday, or as soon as practicable thereafter.

The member then has the public holiday and the PDO as paid days off work. Both these days are paid at the base salary (no additional penalty payments are payable).

Some members have contacted the PSA concerned that they have not been paid for the public holiday. The PSA followed up one example and found that the member had been paid.

Unfortunately the Officer Time Sheets member’s currently receive show the public holiday not worked as 0.00 hours.

The PSA has discussed the matter with DCS HR who have assured the PSA that members’ are being paid for both the public holiday not worked and the alternative PDO.

DCS HR is also working to amend the Officer Time Sheets to reflect the 7.6 hours base salary paid for the public holiday not worked.

As the PSA does not have access to members’ pay records we are not able to ascertain if an individual has been paid correctly.

Any member who is in doubt as to whether they have been paid correctly for an occurrence involving a PDO falling on a public holiday should contact DCS HR in the first instance.