DCP - Proposed Changes (A New Direction)

02 March 2017

PSA and PSA worksite representatives met with the Chief Executive on Friday 17 February 2017 to discuss the proposal of new Directorates and changes to executive positions. All staff have received updated information.

The following has been provided by DCP here.

DCP state that the proposed new directorates and responsibilities consistent with Royal Commissioner Nylands recommendations #7 and #8. The proposals bring some country and rural sites into new clusters.

DCP plan to consult in 'stages of changes', with a focus on changing the directorate levels in the first instance. We appreciate the need for members to look at ahead about what this might mean for you. The PSA reminds members to consider what the impacts of these changes may be, both the direct immediate changes and in the long term.

Please share any queries and feedback you send to DCP with your PSA Worksite Representatives so the PSA can keep track of what matters are addressed and those that remain outstanding during consultation.