DCP Financial Counsellors and 2UP Campaign Update

26 October 2018

The PSA has been working hard behind the scenes to progress our fight against the axing of Financial Counselling within the Department for Child Protection (DCP) and continue our campaign for 2UP staffing across Residential Care.

Have you voted yet?
Thanks to all the members that have held a meeting and passed the resolution to support the campaign to stop the axing of the financial wellbeing program. If you have not yet voted, please do so and send in your vote by email.

The motion is:

PSA members at …………………………………….. understand that Financial Counsellors are Essential to Child Protection. We stand with our Financial Counsellors and commit to campaigning to prevent the Axing of the Financial Wellbeing program.

What’s been happening?
Last week there was a great deal of activity in Parliament supporting our cause with the Hon. Tammy Franks MLC of the Greens speaking in the Upper House of Parliament in support of the Financial Counsellors program. Ms Franks also did some Radio and Television interviews.

Shadow Minister for Child Protection Jayne Stinson MP also spoke in parliament challenging the government on budget decisions. Her questions focussed on the axing of the financial Counselling program and the detrimental effect this will have on vulnerable young people and their families.

Ms Stinson also highlighted the PSA’s campaign for 2UP staffing across Residential Care which she strongly supports and highlighted how the Minister for Child Protection Rachel Sanderson MP while in Opposition had supported recommendation 150C from The Nyland Royal Commission (here).

On 17 October 2018 the Hon. Connie Bonaris MLC from SA Best also addressed the Upper House of Parliament supporting the campaign for 2UP staffing across Residential Care with extensive background information supporting the PSA campaign (here).

On Saturday 20 October 2018, the Advertiser published a story supporting the Financial Counselling program, highlighting again the essential service provided by Financial Counsellors to the state’s most vulnerable young people and their families, with examples provided of successful reunifications facilitated by the outstanding work of our Financial Counsellors.

Representing our PSA members by meeting with Politicians and providing appropriate information to media will assist in our aim to reverse the State Government’s Budget decision. This will enable Financial Counsellors to remain an essential program within DCP, thereby helping to prevent families becoming involved in the child protection system, reunifying young people with their families and providing support for young people transitioning from care.

These opportunities also provide a platform for the PSA to continue our campaign for 2UP staffing across Residential Care.

The PSA will continue to keep members informed and involved in these campaigns.