DASSA Weekend Pharmacy Service Discussion Paper

13 February 2018

DASSA weekend pharmacy services currently provide a dosing service to clients on Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiod Dependency (MAT:OD) who cannot be treated in community pharmacies. The weekend service is only available from the Central and Southern DASSA Services (CDS and SDS).

SA Pharmacy has released the DASSA Weekend Pharmacy Service discussion paper to consider options for expanding weekend pharmacy services to all sites.

The discussion paper presents the current option alongside a proposed option that would enable services to be provided at all sites (Northern DASSA Service (NDS), in addition to CDS and SDS) by a pharmacist with security presence.

A copy of the discussion paper can be found here.

Feedback and further suggestions are invited by the Clinical Executive Committee prior to recommendations being made to the DASSA State Director.

The discussion paper nominates 23 February 2018 as the conclusion of the consultation period.